How to Unpublish a WordPress Site? WordPress Maintenance Mode

Sometimes, it is possible you would want to unpublish your WordPress site temporarily due to some maintenance issues. It is very important to understand when you should activate maintenance mode in WordPress and when you should not. However, if you want to completely delete your site then you can do that too and I will explain how.

how to unpublish a wordpress site?

How to Unpublish a WordPress Site?

If you are looking for information to completely delete your WordPress website then you must first remove it from search engines. Go to your Google Search Console tool and remove your site from there and deindex your website from Google.

After that, go to your web hosting account and then remove WordPress entirely. It will remove the entire WordPress CMS from your hosting account which will include your WordPress site and files.

Make sure to download your data before deleting your WordPress site. You can download your data from your hosting account such as images, articles and videos. That’s the simple process for completey removing your website.

How to Enable Maintenance Mode in WordPress?

If you are making some major changes in your WordPress site then you would want to enable maintenance mode in WordPress. You can do so by contacting your developers’ team. However, if you are an individual and you are looking for easy options that you can use to do this task yourself.

The good news is, there are many plugins that you can use to temporarily unpublish your WordPress site. Visitors will see “coming back soon” or “will be back soon” message on the main page. This is very good practice for SEO purpose as Google doesn’t like the sudden shut down of your site.

1. Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

Maintenance Mode by SeedProd is the best free plugin for WordPress which you can use to enable maintenance mode for your WordPress site. This plugin has an almost 5-star rating in the WordPress library. It’s a responsive plugin where you can simply add a “coming back soon” or “we will be back soon” message for your valuable visitors. And search engines too will like this approach as your site is still live on the web.

2. WP Maintenance Mode

This is another great WordPress plugin with 4.6 rating on WordPress. A fully customizable┬áresponsive page for your website. You can even set up a countdown for your site’s coming back soon page. Furthermore, it has a contact form, SEO options and subscription form to use on your WordPress site during the temporary shut down.

3. WordPress Maintenance

The third plugin in this list is “Maintenance” which is a great plugin for enabling temporarily unavailable mode for your WordPress site. This plugin even has more options. You can add your logo, can use Google Analytics, and exclude selected pages from maintenance mode. You can easily enable this from your WordPress dashboard and when your site is ready for visitors, simply remove the temporary mode.

How to Unpublish a Post or Page in WordPress?

If you want to only unpublish a page or a post on your WordPress website, you can do that easily by going to the post. Click quick edit, and make it a draft post which will make it unavailable to the visitors. However, you must keep in mind that when your site is live, you should be careful. Google doesn’t like pages that display a 404 error. If you want to unpublish your page then also deindex it from Google for the time being.

As mentioned above, you can use Google Search Console tool to remove a page or entire website from Google’s search and that’s helpful because Google will not send visitors to a 404 error page.

How I Can Use WordPress in Offline Mode?

If you just want to learn the environment of WordPress and don’t want to mess with the live site then you should use WordPress in offline mode. You can download the XAMPP or WAMPP software which is for testing WordPress and other CMSs offline. Install WordPress on XAMPP, and play with all of the features in offline mode. When you are ready to launch your site then simply go to your web hosting account and install WordPress.

WordPress is the easiest CMS for bloggers and non-tech people. It has got all the functionality needed for any type of website. If something is missing in your WP site then simply search in the Plugin directory and you will find the best option for your problem. WordPress developers have created plugins for almost every problem that exist on WordPress.

The Bottom Line

If your WordPress website is for your business then you should be taking care of your customers while going offline. Yous should also take care of your SEO while making your website offline. Google sends tons of traffic to websites every day and when they see a website is offline, they demote that website in Google’s ranking. You don’t want that right? then do things wisely and use every method to keep your site safe and smooth.


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